Swimming With Confidence

  • Swimming with Confidence- Kaytlyn Schiff

    “You can never love someone until you love yourself”  View Post
  • Swimming with confidence

    I am so excited to announce this!!! I will be working on a Blog series called Swimming With Confidence, where we meet and talk to real girls, and women just like you and me who struggle with body confidence, or women who have overcome their fears with body image.  Want to hear my story?! Well li... View Post
  • Refreshing Peach & Blueberry Smoothie

    I love smoothies, and I know you all do to. If you are anything like me you need help fighting those sweet tooth cravings this is for YOU. Smoothies help me fight the cravings by giving my body a little taste of delightful sweetness while giving my body what it deserves.   Easy Peasy Lets get st... View Post