Please be aware that depending on your screen resolution some images may seem distorted or not the color they appear

WHITE FABRIC- When ordering white keep in mind washing it with other colors you may mix it with like red or black( or any color that isn't white) might discolor your white top. Also keep in mind when putting white on the reverse of any color or print, its likely you will see that color and print through the white. The only RECOMMENDED way to order is white reverse white. 

BONE- This fabric is the most confused fabric out of anything Ive ever carried. It's such a beautiful true bone cream color all by itself, it's not recommended with many fabrics. I have paired it with cactus, rose pink, and jean which were beautiful as well, everything else isn't recommended. The model wearing the Lanai Top is wearing bone, in the light it brings out it's bone color, in the dark it brings out it's cream color. 

Please see these recommendations. We have no other recommendations than the ones listed below. If you do contact us about recommendations we will just send you back to this page as these are always our recommendations. We ALWAYS SUGGEST picking colors and prints that match. Your swim wear is seamless meaning when its worn it can roll to it’s reverse side while wearing and both prints or colors may be visible. 

BLACK- Best paired with Black, Pineapple, Sunny Floral, Pretty in Pink, Fantasy Floral, Perfect Paradise, Midnight Tropic

RED RIBBED- Best paired with Red Ribbed, Red

Peach Ribbed- Best paired with Peach Ribbed

Dusty Rose Ribbed- Best paired with Dusty Rose Ribbed

White- Best paired with White

Navy-Best paired with Navy, Summer Rain

Pink- Best paired with Pretty in Pink, Figi

Rose Gold- Best paired with Rose Gold

Copper- Best paired with Copper, Paint

Egg Shell Ribbed- Best paired with Egg Shell Ribbed

Brown Ribbed- Best paired with Brown Ribbed

Cactus- Best paired with Cactus, Jungle, Sunflower 

Red- Best paired with Red, Poppy, Red Ribbed

Bone- Best paired with Bone

Mustard- Best paired with Mustard, Bohemian Vineyard

Fawn- Best paired with Calm Summer, Fawn

Jean- Best paired with Jean, Summer Rain 

Rose Pink- Best paired with Rose Pink